A dream from which i never wake

i wake from my dream and realize i was a asleep. False memories i try to keep. These thoughts arent mine for thinking of you is a crime. Love is such a horrible emotion. Its as dangerous and unpredictable as the ocean. Nothing could hurt me so much you and I losing touch. You would never stoop so low as to have me if you were gone never agian would i be happy.I pluck out my eyes and live my life blind. Its better not to see ill soon find. The music of you voice is all i can hear so i take scolding water to my ear.The taste of you invades my nose and tongue. A pair of pliers and a blade what a mess ive made. the thought of you is still in my head it will not quit until i am dead. I prepare myself and make a noose. The final cowardly act of this idiots life to scared even to use a knife. I dangle now from the ceiling my dream of you is finally leaving.


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