Ode to my bong

you are my one true friend. you chamber is round your hole is thin. you fill me with magic. technically its a crime isnt that tragic. you fill up and turn white as snow. my eyes start to glow. i pull the slider and inhale. hurry now before it gets stale. i sit back and release. Ideas in my mind start to increase. i start laughing at jokes that arent even funny. you make the darkest days sunny. there are plenty of was to get desired effect. your my favorite and have my respect. try if want to rip and roar. you cough like a mad man and fall to the floor. you wipe the tears from your eyes and say its only sweat. i hold you out and ask “want some more” to which you reject. i love you so much i even name you. big red, blue meanie, the not so invisible man to name a few. i dump out the water and rinse you out. i kiss you on the side if you were a lady wed be engaged no doubt. i dry you off and put you away. ill use you again later today.


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