poetry from a broken mind

I look into myself for answers to questions yet asked. I look to the sky for to change a world this is what i was tasked. A new hope lies in my mind for a better tommorow i will rid this place of both anger and sorrow. the time has come a new day has dawned a new wind blows through the sky of enlightenment reviles in the marvels of a new age brought on by the crazy disillusioned soul of one who has been out casted from life. A the clock ticks the hour hand moves closer and closer to a new way. A prophet emerges from the void between time and space a new hour approaches to reveal gods true face. Greed and vanity perverses the so called churches of our lord and savior. Dollers pay for your sins and transactions washed clean not in water but stacks of green paper and coins of gold and silver. The very thought makes my spirit quiver.


I am me

I dont just do what i want, I just do
I dont act how i want, Its not an act
I dont say what i mean, I mean what i say
I dont want to be who i am, I am who I was born to be
I didnt mean to fall in love with you, love fell on me and you where there
This who i am, Ive accepted this, next is embracing it, finally loving it.

Poetry from an empty heart

I dont know if a soul mate is true but i have one i know because its the only i could love her the way i do. She is fated to me even though she denies it. when her and i procreate we will make giants. Her and i will remind the world true love does exist. theyll look in our eyes and know in an instant. When we make love mountains will crumble and kings will tumble. Oceans will dry and stars will fall from the the sky. I love her more then she could ever know to prove i will make the night it self glow.

Random poetry from a broken mind

I fade away.A lost memory tucked deep within your forgotten past. As forgettable as a cloud of smoke being wisped away in the breeze. Why is it so hard for you to remember me? Am i a prisoner trapped in cell? Have i fallen down some secret well? No im here in flesh and spirit. I cry out to you. You cant even hear it. Youve shut yourself off completely from me. The world you grow around yourself is much to tall to see. To big and to fast to remember your forgotten past.

Random poetry from a broken mind

Screaming mothers wake to the sound of crying children. Sons cradle the heads of dieing brothers. sins of the father revisited ten fold. Satans vengeance is mighty cold. Where is the lord and all his powers to heal. Where was your concern when you made the deal? We all have regrets and mistakes we made in the past.Travel to far into thw devils den and youll learn quite fast. You cant escape powers higher then your own Remember that when you mistake your chair for a throne. Nothing you do can change what youve done. Learn from your mistakes and change then and only then will you have truly won.

Random writings

Days have a way of flying by like flocking birds migrating through the sky. Remember that every morning you wake. Your day will be everything you make. You are the author of your own story. Will you make yourself the hero or the villain. Will you be satisfied or sorry. Live every second of every day the best you can. Live for others as much as you do for yourself. Remember someone is reading.

Random writings

Words are forever so choose them carefully.
Words spoken out of hatred are better left thoughts.
Words you cant take back thoughts are all your own.
Words cause fight, war, and conflict thoughts cause only ideas.
Words with no thought are bullets fired randomly into a crowd.
Thoughts without words is a bomb with no power.
Thoughts are one of the few things we own out right in this world.
Make sure your thoughts are your own and not ideas stuffed into your mind by people with only there own interests at heart.

From my soul to you

I live in the writings i create. Its where i place my feelings of sorrow and hate. Someone once told me “keep writing its good for the soul.” At the time i thought i understood but now im truly whole. The more i let out the more i let in. I truly am a human pen. I hope i live on through my words. My thoughts are my ink to think either will last forever is truly absurd.

Poetry of a heart seeking love

My love you brighten my day like the morning glow.
How much you mean to me youll never know.
You are my first thought of the day when i wake.
My affection for you will never shake, never quake, never brake.
You are my sky my star my sun and moon.
I prey to feel your loveing embrace someday soon.
Soon can never be soon enough.
I pray you can see the diamond through the rough

Random writings

look around do you think this is it? you work hard your whole life for what? this meager existence. face it my brothers and sisters where all worker bees and for what? so our government can grow in power and make a buck? they tell us lies and expect us to buy it? we know theres more out there dont we? just look into your hearts youll know what i say is true. scream and shout “pull of the blind fold. let us see the real you!” wear tired of games it dont matter whos president itll all be the same. we want a true leader not one who decives. tell us whats realy going on tell us whats comeing. LIKE IF YOU BELIEVE!!!!!!!!!!!