poetry from a broken mind

I look into myself for answers to questions yet asked. I look to the sky for to change a world this is what i was tasked. A new hope lies in my mind for a better tommorow i will rid this place of both anger and sorrow. the time has come a new day has dawned a new wind blows through the sky of enlightenment reviles in the marvels of a new age brought on by the crazy disillusioned soul of one who has been out casted from life. A the clock ticks the hour hand moves closer and closer to a new way. A prophet emerges from the void between time and space a new hour approaches to reveal gods true face. Greed and vanity perverses the so called churches of our lord and savior. Dollers pay for your sins and transactions washed clean not in water but stacks of green paper and coins of gold and silver. The very thought makes my spirit quiver.


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